Star Wars Rebels, Season 1

Star Wars Rebels, Season 1

Star Wars Rebels

  • Genre: Kids
  • Release Date: 2014-10-06
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y7
  • Episodes: 13
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 19.99
From 153 Ratings


The Galactic Empire continues to grow, having seized control of Outer Rim planet Lothal. While innocent citizens struggle against Imperial oppression, the motley crew of the starship Ghost takes on a new member, street orphan Ezra Bridger. As Ezra embarks on missions with the crew to thwart the Empire and assist the citizens of Lothal, he learns what it means to be part of a team, fighting for something larger than himself. With each adventure, Ezra solidifies his place in this new family, while being taught the ways of the Jedi.


Title Time Price
1 Droids in Distress 22:07 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Fighter Flight 22:07 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Rise of the Old Masters 22:07 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
4 Breaking Ranks 22:07 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
5 Out of Darkness 22:07 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
6 Empire Day 22:07 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
7 Gathering Forces 22:07 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
8 Path of the Jedi 22:07 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
9 Idiot's Array 22:07 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
10 Vision of Hope 22:07 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
11 Call to Action 22:08 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
12 Rebel Resolve 22:07 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
13 Fire Across the Galaxy 22:07 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes



  • Star Wars Lives

    Tired of the Disney bashing! Come on guys, give it a rest. There's the force, tie's, star destroyers, speeders, & stormtroopers!! Seriously! How long have we waited for this. Yes the wookies look funny, but it's animation, not a feature film. We'll get that next year. In the mean time, my son & I will be enjoying Star Wars Rebels. MTFBWY
  • Wonderful!

    By kitfisto15678
    Instantly familiar and all around a great Star Wars time! This is such a great show and I totally recommend to any SW fan.
  • Rebels will rebel against the haters

    By _StarWarsFan_
    As a long time Star Wars fan, collector, and having grown up with the original trilogy as well as experiencing the prequel trilogy in theaters, I have experienced many sides to the saga. I was not a fan of the Clone Wars until much later in the series when the unfortunate demise of the series was announced preceding the announcement of Star Wars Rebels. As I watched the Clone Wars I found it to be initially for children and eventually grew to love the series as it morphed into telling stories that were more tailored for the older audience viewing it. When I learned of the cancelation of the Clone Wars I figured that was perhaps the final foray into animated Star Wars (at least for a while). When Rebels was announced and the premise became clearer I began to get very excited for the possibilities of expanding the story we have all grown to love and to learn of new untold stories that could fill the gap between the live action films. Upon the debut of the premiere, having attended a media screening of the mini-movie, I found it to be extremely engaging, entertaining, and all of the elements found in the original trilogy that I loved were there. Great characters who are slowly developed and back stories beginning to emerge. Character types that fit each of the necessary roles to create balance and appeal to different audiences. This series is already off to an amazing start, and the naysayers out there have not even given the show a chance. The Clone Wars took a full season or more before it was even remotely close to as entertaining as Rebels is beginning, and the fun has not even begun! I am thrilled to be a part of this new series from the ground level and I simply can't get enough of it!! And P.S. to those who apparently don't know how to research the cast and crew prior to making false statements, while the crew of the Ghost are all new characters, the crew behind the scenes of this show are the same crew who developed the Clone Wars and are under the direction of Dave Filoni who has done an incredible job mentoring under George Lucas and is absolutely the man for the job of continuing the Star Wars legacy! Give this series a shot, watch a full season before passing judgement, and I guarantee this show will be fun for all ages! May the Force be with you!
  • Good for what it is

    By trigojon
    I disagree that this is more childish than the Clone Wars. I had to fight my way through Clone Wars, even as a major Star Wars fan. The pilot of this series was better than most episodes of Clone Wars. While it is aimed at children, the show is entertaining for adults as well. I have high hopes for this series in the future.
  • Finally, a STAR WARS project

    By Macintosh2911
    By that I mean, not a prequel, not a prequel-looking-spinoff, no Clone Wars, no wanna-be-looking-stormtroopers (clone troopers). This just feels like the real deal, back when all that was available was the Original Trilogy. I haven't had goosebumps like this since the Episode One teaser trailer in '99...and my hopes were still alive for a new Star Wars film. Sure this series is gonna be childish, but so is R2 & Jar-jar, and this is way better than Jar-jar. If you want deep character development and backstory...well, go read the 100+ books available. This was made by the fans of the OT (who by this time are no doubt parents) for the fans of the OT. For all the super hardcore extended universe fans: you've had your Clone War series for years, now it's time us OT fans got some attention. It's just good ol' Star Wars fun...and that was why the Original Trilogy was made. Plus there's cool Easter eggs here there; like references to the original Star Tours. Watch the FREE episode: Droids in Distress and see for your self. I flippin' love it.
  • Great mix for the young fan & the old fans

    By Ibastarwarsfan
    I grew up with the original Triology. The OT (original Triology) are my favorite movies of all time. That being said, I enjoyed Star Wars Rebels. We step back into a familiar time frame, with similar sounds, sights, and villians. I would say the only weak spot of the the show, would be the character models. While the show looks nice and I do enjoy the art direction, its obvious Disney isn't spending the money on this show that Lucas spent on Clone Wars. But with all shows, it will look better and better each season. The wookies in Spark of Rebellion did not look good. But this is a minor complaint, it really is. I enjoyed the show, my kids ages 12 and 15 both enjoyed it, give it a try and be open minded.
  • A magical return to Star Wars

    By Johnny0Neal
    As a lifelong Star Wars fan and father of two sons (5 and 7) I couldn't imagine a better Star Wars series. A kid hero who isn't annoying, a Jedi who doesn't act like a monk, and a cast of non-Jedi heroes who are actually relevant? It's like a great Star Wars RPG party brought to life. Rebels is not made for adults, but it doesn't talk down to kids. Like Avatar: the Last Airbender, it's focused on kids but good enough to appeal to people of all ages. I don't know that I'd watch this without my kids, but watching it with them is incredibly fun and has rekindled my love of the Star Wars universe. There are a lot of fans of the EU who will give this one star just because it's "New Canon." I guess I'm kind of the opposite. I spent most of my life immersed in the original series, the comics, the novels and the video games, but my fandom waned due to the uneven quality of the EU and the disappointment of the Prequels. I find it highly refreshing to step back into the Star Wars universe without having to worry about the intricacies of Mandalorian history or know that someday the galaxy will be wiped out by Hellraiser-looking biopunk aliens. The Marvel Universe would not be where it is today if they didn't retcon their canon from time to time, and the slightly newer Star Wars Universe deserves the same creative freedom.
  • Don’t write Rebels off yet

    By WalkerSexyStranger
    There are a lot of reviews bashing this new series after just the first two episodes. Most complaints seem aimed at Disney for not being true to the Star Wars franchise, the show being aimed at too young of an audience, poor animation or that it doesn’t stand up by comparison to The Clone Wars. The Clone Wars movie and first season of the show were very difficult to watch, even for a fan. The animation was haphazard and the dialogue would make you cringe. To say that Rebels is aimed at a younger audience than The Clone Wars, I think, is a mistake. It took several seasons for the writers and animators of The Clone Wars to develop real style, dialogue and shape the characters into intriguing and enveloping stories for an older audience. The Clone Wars ended on a very strong note, and to forget its rough beginning is a disservice to a show like Rebels that hasn’t had a chance to grow yet. Yes, plenty of the dialogue in Rebels is cheesy and there is no excuse for the Wookies looking like giant animated excrement sculptures, but hopefully real fans can laugh at these small injustices. I have faith that the show will evolve into something that caters both to the new, younger fans and the loyal older fans like myself.
  • Greatly Needed!

    By ffurt97
    After the end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars I was so sad and depressed, so happy that this show is here to help the pain! Looking forward to more for sure can’t wait.
  • Awesome, can't wait for more!

    By dansp91
    So far this new series has me and my 4 year old son very excited. The characters and storyline have us eagerly anticipating future episodes. New characters plus ones we already know makes for a great time. The hour long pilot was great and it's nice to get an early look at an episode for free. This episode brings in some familiar faces which was fun to see. For those unhappy souls that are bashing it for being childish you need a reality check - Star Wars is for kids and has such broad appeal because it makes adults feel like kids again. Using that criteria Lucasfilms has always delivered and now, in the very capable hands of Disney, the thrilling saga continues. I can't wait for more episodes and of course new toys!!


  • Awesome!

    By #greg is awesome
    This show is awesome, I can’t believe so many people were dissing it. Also CKpowers17’s review says that The Force Awakens was gonna fail, obviously, that was a misconception 😂
  • Why is it out of order?!

    By JohnnyReb1996
    When I purchased all seasons, they mix up the episodes! What’s the deal?
  • Amazing

    By 89bobbyz89
    Star Wars is life! Excellent show :)
  • Love it'

    By Teamswoosh77
    Love it more please! And movies! And video games! And apps!
  • Great show

    By mds2008
    Love the show, but can you include the pilot episode in the season pass?! The episode showing how Ezra ends up as a member of the crew is missing! Please add it!
  • Clone Wars was soo much better.

    By BruceUSA
    They cannot top tAsajj Ventresss or the story lines presented in the Clone Wars. This is just a pale shadow of that show. They need to bring the Clone Wars and finish seasons 7&8. They should not have started on this.
  • Star Wars Rebels

    By Franck Zietara
    My young son and I are fans about Star Wars Rebels and others , but I can not download the 2 seasons of Star Wars rebels on iTunes How come I get a Us account but leaving in france I can buy movies but some kinds of shows , they are in grey color and are not highlighted !!! Some explanation ??? Thanks Franck
  • Excellent rendition of Star Wars

    By Harlequin727
    I am loving every second of this show. I hope this goes on to many more seasons. Great follow up to the Clone Wars.
  • Love Every Minute

    By peaceloveandringo
    Great animation, and exciting stories. Entertaining for all ages!!!
  • A Powerful Second Series from Filoni - Great Star Wars

    By PK Sullivan
    Dave Filoni is one of the masters of animation and Rebels goes to show that CloneWars wasn't a fluke for him and his incredible team. Following the crew of the Ghost through season one was a treats we slowly learn what it was like tot live under the yoke of the Empire and what a desperate, hopeless struggle the early days of the Rebellion was. The characters are excellent from the crew the Ghost to the mysterious villain known only as The Inquisitor and even the Imperial officers running the Imperial academy. If the last three episodes of the season don't have your heart pounding with excitement like when you watch the original trilogy, I would be very surprised.