Born This Way Presents: Deaf Out Loud

Born This Way Presents: Deaf Out Loud

Born This Way Presents: Deaf Out Loud

  • Genre: Reality TV
  • Release Date: 2018-09-12
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 1.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 2.99


Executive produced by Academy® Award-winner Marlee Matlin, this new documentary special follows three predominantly-deaf families as they raise their children in a hearing world— forging their own paths forward and combating the daily social stigmas many deaf people face.


Title Time Price
1 Deaf Out Loud 42:30 Season Only Buy on iTunes



  • Good representation

    By DianeCharlie
    Good representation of Deaf folks, hope to see more variety and more POC in future episodes but overall I enjoyed the show very much.
  • Great Introduction to 3 Great Families!

    By Tourniquet487
    This is a welcoming look into the lives of 3 Deaf families from around America. I enjoyed this program very much and grateful for the information and education these families provided throughout. Informative and Well done!
  • Amazing!!!

    By winks80
    Educational show that will change the lives of Deaf people across the world. Fascinating storylines and a tear jerker! Very informative, funny and beautiful
  • Great documentary

    By Dekuhyrule82
    I watched it on tv and downloaded from iTunes again it was very eye opening and educational for everybody that doesn't understand what it is like to be in Deaf person's shoes and their culture and ASL. I think this documentary deserves to be turned into full series! Don't stop keep going make more of that Deaf out loud to continue!!! I come from 4 generations of hearing family, only one Deaf in the family I truly appreciated that AEtv produced this beautiful documentary on 3 different Deaf families to show for all of us! 👍🏼
  • Fabulous show

    By jonasfiles
    Please make more. I’m Deaf and loved this !!!!
  • Deaf Out Loud

    By Noraaa_22
    I love it!!! It’s sooo amazing!!!
  • Loved it!!

    By sonic-crazy
    Loved it!! I feel connected with them as same situation as my lifestyle! They are very amazing families!! Want to watch more episodes!! ❤️
  • Deaf Rocks!

    By Bookworm1290
    Loved how it showed different perspectives and controversies within the community. I hope it will become a full series to show how diverse the Deaf community is!
  • Great exposure for hearing people

    By samiimarie
    Need more series of this!
  • Loved it!!!

    By jenniiep
    Amazing show, families, stories, absolutely loved it! 10/10 would recommend!


  • Deaf out loud

    By kalli.jenkins
    I think this movie was excellent. It was very informative. I think this movie is a good one because a lot of people don’t know what it’s like or what to do if they have a deaf kid. I know that’s not everything but it’s a start. And it was funny too. In this you got to see deaf people having fun, being themselves. And you get to experience some of it too.
  • Fabulous

    Was a great film. I am from Australia, had change the location and I enjoyed it! Well done guys.
  • Wow!!!!

    By Sylvia Benitez
    In facts, that is all true about between deaf and coda family! I watch it again like 10 times lol
  • Amazing!

    By MariHall07
    I hope this show stay more for next episode. I love it.
  • Breaking Barriers

    By Melwdzi
    This show is perfect. It’s an eye opening journey into 3 totally different family dynamics and how they get through. It hits close to home on my journey with my deaf son 🤟🏼
  • Keep the show going!!

    By Heda hutch
    I need this show in my life
  • Amazing Show!!!

    By qveenlily
    It’s great to watch a real life by deaf parents and their children to see how their experience life. I think it’s amazing.
  • GOOD TV SHOW!!!!

    By BananaGirl10
    Please making more episodes!!!! P.S Please A&E please again making more episodes!!!! I give this 5 stars but I will like to give this 10 stars for real !
  • Ready to see more

    By TheBrown5
    What a great show! I want to see more of these families!
  • Terrific Realistic Show

    By toks1974
    I enjoy this wonderful show. This show is very educational and helpful for deaf people and people who hear and communicate with deaf people. This show is binge-worthy and beneficial. Please bring this show back. There is so much to learn more about deaf families and deaf life. Thumbs up!