By Kevin Connolly

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2018-06-15
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 44min
  • Director: Kevin Connolly
  • Production Company: Emmett Furla Oasis Films
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
From 199 Ratings


Gotti : John Travolta stars as the legendary mobster, John Gotti, head of the largest and most powerful crime organization in North America, the Gambino Family. His flamboyant style, charm and ruthless persona made him the most famous mobster of the 20th Century. The story, told through the eyes of his eldest son John Gotti Jr., delves into the past and explores Gotti’s epic rise and fall in the mob.
Music Soundtrack B.S.O Gotti




  • The 2nd worst movie John Travolta has ever been a part of.

    By Jwcoil
    This movie was terrible. Acting, writing, directing were all terrible. I had high hopes for this movie, but I was highly disappointed once I actually watched it. Save your money.
  • Yikes

    By pmzdj
    Totally disjointed mess. Wannabe classic mafia movie without any of the charm, intelligence, organization, or spirit.
  • Too many negative reviews... it’s not great but it’s good!

    By Zoltan Monkey
    This movie is not as bad as the reviews would have you believe. I found it entertaining and worth a rent or watch once streaming.
  • TV movie quality

    By Truthful Reviewer 1
    People are too harsh on their reviews. If you have an interest in understanding John Gotti’s career this movie covers the ground. I needed Wikipedia to identify the characters. It’s TV movie quality.
  • Great movie.

    By GreatBert
    Great movie. Loved it. See for yourself
  • Ignore the critics & watch it for yourself

    By calebmpr
    I don't see why the critics are trashing this movie. In my opinion this was a solid portrayal of John Gotti. I can see why people say it's confusing because the film does jump back & forth between Gotti in his prime to his last days in prison. Overall I was able to understand the story. The acting was done very well, John Travolta nails his role as Gotti. I did not find a moment where I was bored with this film. This is not as good as Goodfellas or the Godfather, but Gotti is Gangster movie/Biopic worth watching.
  • Alright

    I like John Travolta, he played a good Gotti. It’s horrible Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 0%. I’d say it’s worth a watch.
  • Waste of time

    By allodial
    Terrible soundtrack, ruined scenes by random music that didn't fit at all. Bad acting by supportiong cast and Travolta just seems like he should have retired... Had high hopes but fell way short
  • Love

    By Karla730831
    Love it
  • Good

    By Eddiehhebehhdhdd


  • Bad so baddd

    By koolkarim94
    Gigli deserves an Oscar after watching this
  • No words

    By Sofia russo
    They should pretend this movie was never made. This app is making me give it a star.
  • Waste of time

    By phbruns
    Travolta was horrible. The screenwriting was horrible. The directing was horrible. Choppy, inconsistent, horrible acting across the cast. I’ve seen better acting at a middle school play. Save your $4.99, it will be on HBO or some other service soon.
  • James man

    By Cdpaving
    Green lantern is better than this
  • LOL why?

    By AdrenalineVenom
    Why was this made, seriously? For once, critics are actually right! This is beyond terrible. The direction, the acting, the makeup...just bleh. Travolta tried his best but can’t compensate for a bad script. Avoid at all costs.
  • Horrible

    By pfv777
    I can’t even explain how bad this movie is.....
  • HBO Gotti is soMuch better

    By Thirty-Something
    It goes without saying that the original movie based on John Gotti is 1000 times better. HBO produced it probably 20 years ago but it is truly phenomenal. This new Travolta version is nothing but a junky old remake that should never have been done.
  • No.

    By Where'sTheMusic
  • I Gotti not watch this again.

    By rsg7777
    Rotten Tomatoes was to generous with their score. Better off reading books about John Gotti. He was not what they consider a great organized crime godfather. He loved the limelight and that is what brought him down. If the movie is on HBO or one of the cable channels it might be ok to watch just don’t spend any money on it.
  • I want my $4 Back!

    By doingreviewtounlock
    Lol, I ordered it only because I wanted to give the movie a chance! Don't bother, I'm normally impressed by almost anything. Save your money. I do want to say John travolta will always be a wonderful actor. it's not his fault the directors/ script writers dropped the ball on this one. I will only give 2 stars for john travoltas sake.