A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

By John Krasinski

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release Date: 2018-04-06
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 30min
  • Director: John Krasinski
  • Production Company: Sunday Night
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
From 4,535 Ratings


A Quiet Place : If they hear you, they hunt you. In this terrifyingly suspenseful thriller, a family must navigate their lives in silence to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt by sound. Knowing that even the slightest whisper or footstep can bring death, Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and Lee (John Krasinski) Abbott are determined to find a way to protect their children at all costs while they desperately search for a way to fight back. Hailed by critics and audiences around the world, experience the must-see movie of the year.
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  • Amazing!!!

    By GameReveiwer.com
    This movie was absolutely fantastic!! It left me on the edge of the seat the whole movie! Emily Blunt is amazing and such an great actress!! Every movie with Emily Blunt in it is awesome!! Her acting makes me smile.
  • Cried

    By マリア・トキドキ
    Never thought I’d watch a horror movie and be so touched I’d cry. I don’t think I’d last a single day if this happened in real life. Happy to see horror movies that are different (not exorcist and all those other predictable ghost bs) but a movie with actual meaning to it, not just to scare you here & there. I really loved the meaning. This isn’t a horror movie, this is a family movie.
  • Bad

    By Awsome person891708
  • A quiet place

    By MarQreed
    Good movie check it you
  • Family of Few words Avoids Aliens!

    By HunkyHoneyBadger
    The acting was good, the tension was there, but there were some obvious plot holes that could’ve resulted in a better outcome for the Children of the Corn!
  • Suspenseful

    By ReviewVibe
    Basically what title says, a quite movie. While watching this movie i was at the edge of my seat sure it was slow paced and could of been longer cause to me it felt really short but the acting was great didn’t really liked the ending all that much could of been better
  • Love it 😍

    By the puth fairy
    The acting was amazing.
  • A Quiet Place

    By I am a Mikstas
    I swear my heart almost pounded out of my chest, such a good movie, I cried when I saw the dad give up his life for his kids. This is a must watch movie, if u like being scared, WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job John Krasinski
  • Can someone please give me my time back?

    By Kellyb166839
    I don’t get the great reviews. Utterly boring and full of itself. I slipped into a coma so many times I finally gave up and turned it off.
  • A Quiet Place, Review....

    By Live Like Christ!
    Although it’s known to everyone as a “horror” film, I would honestly say it to be more of a thriller. Certainly not bc it was lacking in anyway! Personally I don’t do horror films/stories. I definitely have to say a thank you to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski for doing something different than most would....making a clean movie. A quiet place was a very interesting, thrilling, well done movie, and I can’t wait to see part 2 in 2020!! Hopefully it’s just as good! God bless whoever reads this review✝️


  • Stupid movie

    By j3sse13
    Worst movie I ever watched
  • Terrible.

    By Ahfjandkwjdkdnwjxhf
    This movie’s plot was unsatisfactory and stupid. The movie was not scary by any means, and the family began to defend themselves way too late. It was stupid to have the viewers believe that almost everyone had been killed in such a short time, and that nobody even tried to defend themselves, instead running until they themselves perished. Don’t watch this movie, you’re wasting your time.
  • A pin dropped

    By DoItRight
    Should I be scared? Yes indeed! Unless what you fear is deaf, complete silence is not only golden, like Mr. Krasinski’s movie tag states, it’s SURVIVAL. A Quiet Place is golden and deserves the coveted movie award for it’s execution of scare without words and almost no sound. This movie also succeeded in giving the audience the ability to hear the aforementioned pin drop inside the theatre. The movie grips your attention so well that as an audience participant, you join in the “shhh” factor!
  • Don't trust Rotten Tomatoes anymore.

    By kratzee
    I watched the movie, because of the recommendation on rotten. It was a huge disappointement. Why? Typical american idiotic violence porn. I don't know wether the audience of horror-trash likes to be confrontesd with a fictive setup (aliens/monsters, which can only hear but not see), but I don't. I want to see a deeper meaning in movies. For me, blatant entertainment is waist of time. This is waist of time. I liked the guy from box office. Causal relations make no sense in this movie: Why is there a deadly entity, which is killing people for fun? Why is that family so stupid and not realizing earlier, that the entity's weakness is high pitch sounds? Why don't americans killed that monsters with all their weapons? I paid 6 dollars for the rent, and i wished i had spent it on a newcomer boring art school shot.
  • A quiet place

    By kev53773
    This movie was amazing and down right terrifying till the end it was very intense and suspenseful the family when the bad the things start to happen to them makes u feel bad for them. 🤫
  • Pure suckage

    By Stephen Johns
    This was one of the worst movies Ive seen in a very long time. I have no idea how anyone can give it more than one star. I wish there were negative stars to save people from the hyped reviews. The story sounds nice, but the plot is thoroughly contrived, full of boring cliches and the plot is ridiculously contrived and predictable. Entirely stupid and poorly acted. Nothing surprising. No twists, just the same old crap poorly imagined.
  • Awful

    By Trump girl
    So beyond disappointed, and it wasn’t a good movie at all.
  • Way overrated

    By Rambo8649
    This is an ok movie, but man is it over-hyped in the ratings. This IS NOT a 95%...its more like a 65%. This is proof that Rotten Tomatoes is rigged.
  • Pretty Bad

    By Miadad
    No backstory on the creatures or family and the daughters annoying stupidity kills people. The only reedeming factor is the creatures graphics. I would not recomend renting this one. Itunes has gone from 3.99 to 5.99 and they don't even give a discuout for standard definition. Whats up?
  • A Quiet Place - Way Overrated

    By Stevepfi55
    I could have written that stupid script in the 10th grade.