Patriots Day

Patriots Day

By Peter Berg

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2016-12-21
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 13min
  • Director: Peter Berg
  • Production Company: TIK Films
  • Production Country: Hong Kong, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
From 1,226 Ratings


Patriots Day : Based upon the dramatic real-life manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers, this powerful action-thriller follows Police Sergeant Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg) as he joins brave survivors, first responders, and investigators in a race against time to find the bombers before they strike again. Directed by Peter Berg (LONE SURVIVOR) and featuring a stellar cast, PATRIOTS DAY is a stirring tribute to the Boston community's strength and courage in the face of adversity.
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  • Patriots Day

    By KCZ1996
    One of the best movies I've seen in many years! Very Intense and engaging movie about the strange and courage of the human spirit during times of tragedy. Another great performance from Mark Wahlberg! A must see movie.
  • Best movie ever

    By bug shauq
    This movie is the best one I have ever seen it’s my number 1
  • Great Movie!

    By N7CaptainObvious
    Pretty well cast. It is really nice to see that the at least used Copley Square in part of the movie, which I suppose was the most important part of the movie. I wasn't actually there at the time, I remember hearing about it on the news. I did have family members and friends who ran the marathon that day. It was frightening not knowing what was going on. To those posers out there: Stop pretending you're from Boston/Massachusetts, it's only embarassing you, or at least get your locations/slang right when you talk about things.
  • Amazing

    By SSB!5
    Very Sad but Very Touching
  • Brilliant

    By Miss.N_LA
    Tense and exiting overall. I really enjoyed this move and was engrossed the entire time! Highly recommend this movie
  • Patriot Day

    By Ryan866
    Awesome performance again by Mark
  • Mark Wahlberg Annoying Portrayal

    By Sara:)) :))
    Typical overly dramatic Hollywood flick. Mark Wahlberg over acted role. Very annoying. Much of the script fiction.
  • Patriots day

    By Shilastaz
    Disturbing. Moving. Fitting tribute to the bravery of that day.
  • This film needed to be told

    By SpaDog
    Slow and builds and when it comes together it hits you like a ton of bricks. Godespeed Boston !!!!!
  • Worth Watching

    By Mexican_Black_Bear
    Wahlberg was fun to watch as usual. Lots of intriguing characters and a good plot based on actual events. Even though you know what is going to happen the movie still surprises you.


  • Blue Lives Matter!

    By JohnnyReb1996
    Remember the true heroes are the ones protecting us on the streets.
  • Crazy

    By Jose me burrito
    This movie was another great film by Peter Burg, captures everything.
  • Exploiting tradegy

    By Bowerfamilynz
    This formulatic script is starting to clearly become a recipe for American movies... made it about 10 minutes and let rental expire.
  • Boston lame

    By pholly
    Boring movie, don't waste your money .
  • Boring

    By Jason504
    This event was historic and tragic, but rehashing the events as a movie doesn't work for me. I wish I had rented the movie because one viewing is more than enough.
  • Good movie, but misses the Cowboy Hat Man

    By korniszon
    I mean seriously, this dude, Carlos Arredondo helped so many victims, and is totally erased from the story, as if he never was there.
  • excellent film well done

    By nyctelecaster
    We rented Patriots' Day last night - I honestly didn't expect much and I was pleasantly surprised. It gave me insight into the Boston Marathon bombings and I remembered how shocked and sad I felt when the event occurred. There were many white knuckle moments, especially the car jacking of Dun Meng and the Watertown shoot out that was realistically chaotic and not Hollywood BS - and the film successfully captured how vulnerable the City was for those 4 days. What was most impressive was the positive message from the real-life victims at the end - the belief that love and good prevails and that people are basically good.
  • Best True Life Story Movie Ever Made

    By Ksc616
    I went and saw this movie the day after it came out. I have to say that was a very good movie. It depicted every event from that week so well. The thing is I'm from Boston and I was about 13 or 14 when the Boston Marathon happened so I didn't really understand everything but I knew that it wasn't good. The movie gave me a better understanding, of course my parents explained everything to me but as I grew older I got more interested on what actually happened and this movie was amazing. It definitely is the number one movie on my list since it was such a fantastic movie representing how Boston came together and especially since Mark Wahlberg was in it!! I highly recommend this movie!!!
  • Amazing

    By Gabs123@
    Just a profoundly amazing film, great acting, great directing, reminds us that the true heroes in our day-to-day lives do not wear capes, bust they wear badges
  • Amazing movie

    By LCPD Captain
    Always support our officers with the thin blue line. The sergeant gave his all to solve this epidemic