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ERIC TIEDE | Actor Reel | Castle (ABC) Eric Tiede guest starring on the ABC television series CASTLE opposite Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic.
Perplexus Original on Castle ABC Perplexus™ is a 3D marble maze game that's filled with challenging fun! Perplexus is a maze game where players maneuver a small marble around barriers ...
Castle ABC Trailer Recut This is taking the amazing show Castle and putting a twist onto the major character and the story of SE1 EP1.
Castle ABC - Jason Bateman scene Nathan has always been compared and messed up with Jason Bateman, so the writers of Castle decited to bring this little bit in the show. Lovely!
Castle ABC - Big hairy spider Is castle afraid of big hairy spiders? From 2x14 I do not own the rights of this video, i merely edited it. It belongs to ABC and Andrew Marlowe.
Castle ABC - So cute the way you two do that! Lanie is definately a Castle&Beckett Shipper! From "Tick, Tick, Tick..." 2x17 I don't own anything concerning castle - everything goes to ABC and Andrew ...
[Castle ABC] You really captured his soul Funny part of Castle show. All the copyrights belong to ABC and Andrew Marlowe, I did only the editing parts of the video.
[Castle ABC] Quit looking at the girls, Castle! Funny piece of video from Castle, WIth Lanie, Beckett & Castle. The copyrights belong to ABC and Andrew Marlowe, I did only the editing parteh.
[Castle ABC] Bam! Said the Lady Nathan Fillion's famous saying used in Castle. I don't own the copyrights of the Series (It goes all to Andrew Marlowe and ABC). But i did edit the clip.
[Castle ABC] Responsible father Castle Makes you want me, eeh? I do not own the show (its all ABC and Andrew Marlowe). I just edited the clip :)
[Castle ABC] Shut the front door! Funny scene from Castle. Beckett Sparring, Castle jelous. I do not own the rights on that show (that belongs only to ABC and Andrew Marlowe). I only edited it for ...
[Castle ABC] Why would I shave my head? Funny scene from ABC's Castle. I do not own the rights (only ABC and Andrew Marlowe has the right), I only edited the clip. Thank you :)
Castle abc 3x02 [Under the gun] Promo Pictures!! Hey, Just a quick video for pictures of Castle season 3, episode 2 "Under the Gun":) 1 day to go 'til the season 3 premier!!! :D xx.
[Castle ABC] Castle hits on Beckett Funny banter between Caskett. I don't own it, i just edited it.
[Castle ABC] Castle&Beckett funny Clip from 1x02. I don't own the show, i merely edited the clip.
Castle ABC Opening Season 2 Best intro ever! I Don't Own Rights On This. Abc does.
[Castle ABC] Best Friends Forever [Esposito/Ryan] [Music Video] [You're My Best Friend by Queen] Castle ABC. My First attempt at putting together a fun little edit to show This Duo (Esposito & Ryan) and their Hilarity. Enjoy.
[Castle ABC] Poker Face [full version] The full version of Poker Face by Lady GaGa. Every time I hear this song I think of episode 1x08.
[Castle ABC] One More Day With You This is the video I made in response to prompt no. 4 over at castle_vcontest on LJ. It was a crossover prompt. You'll find some clips from movies and other shows ...
[Castle ABC] Poker Face [Kate Beckett] My version of Poker Face by Lady GaGa. Every time I hear this song I think of episode 1x08.

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